Netsky tours AUS / NZ

Tourdates here:

26/12/11 BREAKFEST (Perth)
27/12/11 HQ (Adelaide)
28/12/11 FU BAR (Auckland)
29/12/11 RHYTHM & ALPS (Christchurch)
30/12/11 WAIHI BEACH HOTEL (Waihi)
01/01/12 BROWN ALLEY (Melbourne)
06/01/12 BARSOMA (Brisbane)

26 Responses to “Netsky tours AUS / NZ”

  1. LiquidFunk says:

    SOLID!!!! Will be seeing you in Auckland & in Gizzy for RnV!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  2. Anna says:

    When will the tickets be on sale for Auckland?

  3. Stig says:

    See you in Barsoma :D !!!!

  4. lulltula says:

    Siick! Melbourne ftw

  5. dnb4me says:

    <3 the pic from Rhythm. Must have been around 5am?

  6. Slabface says:

    Woohoo! NZ Tour – see you in Wellington!

    Oh, no… I won’t. You’re not playing in the Capital.

    Ho hum.

  7. hayley_buzza says:

    So I heard it through the grape vine that Netky was gonna be playing at Origin in Perth on the 31st. But…. you’ve gotta be playing RnV that night too. Is it possible you’re gonna do Gissy then fly to Perth for a double new years?
    Your dates differ a little on your facebook page. This is a bit of a mindf**k Boris!!

  8. Taariq_Randeree says:

    It woulld be awesome if Netsky has a concert in cape town south africa there are many fans of his here.. .

  9. Tanker says:

    Cheers for coming down under! Love the album, looking forward to catching you at Rythm and Alps

  10. Benedikt says:

    Visit Munich one time PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  11. anonymous says:

    hey you missed out 31st at rhythm and vines

  12. Marina says:

    Очень бы хотелось чтоб Netsky отыграл в нашем городе хороший сэт. Сколько это будет нам стоить? Наше место нахождение: Россия, город Комсомольск-на-Амуре, Хабаровский край

  13. Scott B says:

    Cannot wait!! Best artist i have heard in sooo long. I will be at Chinese Laundry and i am telling all my friends how great you are! Looking forward to the new year :)

  14. Julian says:

    come to germany guys, please!^^

  15. Mr Pink says:

    Pumped for Chinese Laundry!! I will be front centre!! I expect a photo :D

  16. remy says:

    CLose but not close enough
    I spend my new year in Cambodia ,
    Netsky , coem to cambodia Pontoon , please

  17. Navi says:

    Hey the venue for the Auckland show is wrong – it’s not Fu Bar it’s actually at The Studio on K Road. Fu Bar has closed down I’m pretty sure! Along with Zen club.

  18. david says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hell yeah, Netsky is coming to NZ! Can’t wait to see one of my favourite artists. the lotus symphony, is a piece of genius!

  19. Torey says:

    how can I buy tickets for Netsky in Brisbane? Can’t find them anywhere? HELP!

  20. Dat Kid Vaughn says:

    One love from the Melburn Massif’ – see you at Brown Alley NYD!!

  21. Hi there ,have been searching for this info for sometime now and finally found it. Good work and great looking site. Thank you

  22. hayley richards says:


  23. Maky says:

    Please visit the Czech Republic ;) )

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  25. Damn, Can you guyz please visit the Philippines? I would love to see you guys here!! I love you Netsky! <3

  26. site says:

    When I open up your Feed it appears to be a ton of garbage, is the problem on my part?

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